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Lighting Care & Tips

At Golden Lighting you can find a variety of fixture cleaning care instructions and lighting tips. Take a look at our readily made blogs and articles that will help you with exactly what you need.

Lighting Care and Tips

How to Clean Fixtures - No matter the size, style, or material of your light you can use our tried and tested cleaning methods to get dust and built up grime off in no time - and most importantly without damaging your fixture.

How to Find The Right Light Size for Your Space - Use our professional guidelines and checklist to properly hang ceiling lights, place lighting, and select appropriately sized fixtures for any space.

How to Layer Lighting - Don't make rookie mistakes when it comes to lighting your home! Learn how the pros light their home - take it from the very best.

How to Style Your Lights with Bulbs - Bulbs come in many shapes, sizes, and styles. In fact, the bulb you select can drastically change the appearance of your light fixture - for better or worse. 

How to Select The Best Bulb Color For Your Light - While bulb style plays a big role in how your fixture appears, so does bulb color temperature. Color temperature simply means the color output of the bulb itself such as Amber, Yellow, Blue and every hue in-between. Read our easy to grasp bulb color guide right here.

How to Light a Bathroom - Learn how to achieve a dream bathroom with the help of the right lighting. Make any bathroom an inviting space that is well-lit and stylish.

How to Light a Bedroom - Bedroom lighting is essential and selecting the right light that suits your style and room needs is crucial. We've even curated trending chandeliers, pendants, and wall sconces for you to consider placing in your bedroom.

How to Find the Perfect Lighting for Low Ceilings - The standard ceiling height in US homes is 8ft. There are a variety of fixtures which can complement and enhance homes with low ceilings - you're options are not limited!