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Everything You Need to Know About Bulb Styling

Posted on December 22 2020

Bulbs can vary in color, efficiency, brightness, appearance, life expectancy and in cost. There are several bulbs types available from LED, Fluorescent, to Halogen Incandescent.

Choosing the right type of bulb for your needs is important, but there is so much more to bulbs than just the source type.

Bulb shapes and appearance can really affect the overall look and feel of your fixture.

Many Bulb Options and Styles

The style of bulb used can drastically change the look and feel of the fixture. Layout your options and test to see which look best fits with your light. Select bulbs that stylistically fit to dress up your fixture.

Chrome-Tipped Bulbs

Create a modern statement with chrome-tipped bulbs. They redirect the light they emit onto the fixture which helps to reduce and control glare. These bulbs are recommended for bold, metallic, or contemporary fixtures.


Flame-Tipped Bulbs

Flame-tipped candelabra bulbs or candle bulbs are perfect for enhancing a dramatic and/or romantic looking fixture. Frosted or clear, these decorative bulbs add a traditional touch.


Blunt-Tip Bulbs

Simple, yet elegant, this softly rounded blunt-tip candelabra bulb works well with traditional to transitional sconces, chandeliers, and pendants.


Globe Bulbs

Have a round fixture with a lot of empty visual space inside, a Globe bulb may help you fill up some of that negative space and achieve an awesome look at the same time.


Tube Bulbs


Tubular bulbs can vary in heights and width, but the overall look is the same. These elongated bulbs add a modern touch. We recommend these bulbs for fixtures in modern or industrial styles.


Straight-Tapered Bulbs


Straight Tapered Bulbs, usually found on rustic and vintage-inspired fixtures, can be a great upgrade to simple lamps. We recommend these bulbs be used in large, bold, Rustic to Modern-Industrial fixtures.


Frosted vs Clear Bulbs

Clear or Frosted Bulbs
At the store, options may be limited. Sometimes, you can find either frosted or clear bulbs. These bulbs have an obvious color difference when taken out of the box, but the difference is much more significant when installed.
The clear bulbs created harsh vertical lines on the shade and create distorted shadows. The frosted bulbs appears to be smooth with an even color tone and more appealing shadows.
 Clear Bulbs Frosted Bulbs
    • Emit Light
    • Best for Exposed Bulbs
    • Diffuse Light
    • Best for Shades

Keep this clear vs frosted bulbs demonstration in mind, when shopping.