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Color Reference Guide

We offer a wide variety of finishes to complement a range of styles and decors. Browse our Color Reference Guide below for more information.   

 Aged Brass (AB)

Aged Bronze (ABZ)

Aged Galvanized Steel(AGV)

Antique Black Iron (ABI)

Antique Ivory (AI)

Black Iron (BI)

 Black Patina (BP)

Blue Verde Patina (VP)

Brushed Champagne Bronze (BCB)

Brushed Etruscan Bronze (EBB)

Burnished Chestnut (BC)

Burnt Sienna (BUS)

Chrome (CH)

Colonial Steel (CS)

Copper Patina (CP)

Cordoban Bronze (CDB)

Dark Natural Iron (DNI)

Dark Rust (DR)

Etruscan Bronze (EB)

Fired Bronze (FB)

French White (FW)

Golden Aura (GA)

Golden Bronze (GB)

 Gray Driftwood (GDW)

Grecian Gold (GG)

Gunmetal Bronze (GMT)

Heirloom Gold (HG)

Leather Crackle (LC)

 Light Olympic Gold (LOG)

Matte Black (BLK)

Modern Brass (MBS)

Modern Brushed Gold (MBG)

Mystic Gold (MG)

Natural Black (NB)

Olympic Gold (OG)

Oyster (OY)

Pebbled Rust (PR)

Peppercorn (PC)

Peruvian Gold (PG)

Peruvian Silver (PS)

Pewter (PW)

Rubbed Bronze (RBZ)

Sovereign Bronze (SBZ)

Tarnished Mercury (TM)

Textured Bronze (TBZ)

Textured White Plaster (TWP)

Vintage Copper (VC)

 Vintage Fired Gold (VFG)

Vintage Gold (VG)

 Vintage Parisian White (VPW)

Vintage Sage (VS)

White Gold (WG)

Matte White (WHT)