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How to Size and Place Your Light Fixture

Here is some advice on how to get your lights to look great in your space...

Measure to ensure that your fixtures will fit the space. Guessing or eyeballing can lead to installing the wrong size light fixture in your space. Here are some tips on choosing and placing properly sized light fixtures. Remember, these are guidelines...sizes may vary based on the style, the visual weight of the fixture or the unique characteristics of your room. 

The following tips are based off standards determined by the American Lighting Association, the leading trade association for the residential lighting industry.

How To Hang Lighting Fixtures Above a Kitchen Island

  • Use one pendant for every 24” of counter space
  • Use an odd number of pendants to create visual balance
  • Whether using chandeliers, single pendants, or a linear pendant be sure to hang 30” above the countertop

Measurement Guidelines for Hanging Pendant Lighting over Kitchen Island

How To Hang Lighting Fixtures Above Dining Rooms and Tables

  • Pendants and chandeliers should stay 30” above the table or surface
  • Use a fixture that is 12” narrower than the width of the table

Measurement guidelines for hanging a light fixture over a table

Other Quick Tips:

  • If the room is smaller than 10' x 10' the fixture should be 17" to 20" wide.
  • If the room is around 12' x 12' the fixture should be 22" to 27" wide.
  • If the room is around 14' x 14' the fixture should be 24" to 32" wide.