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Find The Perfect Lighting For Low Ceilings

Posted on May 29 2020

The standard and most common ceiling height in US homes is 8ft. While trends show homes being built, and some remodeled, to offer taller ceilings most existing homes have a standard ceiling height of 8 feet.

If you aren’t planning to remodel any time soon, we suggest working with your existing ceiling height and looking at lighting options that fit. The type of light fixture you are looking for will depend on what area of the home you are lighting. Aside from different lighting usage needs, hallways, foyers, bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, and dining rooms have different lighting size and hanging guidelines.

What Light Fixture Should I Look For?

Generally speaking, fixtures with low profile designs such as flush mounts, semi-flushes, and even track light fixtures can work in any space of a home with low ceilings. There are a wide variety of these fixtures that can offer widespread ambient light as well as varying degrees of diffused light.

Stylistically, there are many ways to use these low-profile light fixtures in a space. If you are looking to create drama, draw focus, or play with color in a room with a low-ceiling then look for light fixtures that offer bold color, gleaming crystals, two-tone finishes, or unique designs. Another option involves utilizing minimalist designs for a sleek, clean look.

Click the image to view these Golden products that are perfect for low ceilings:

Note: Many of the items shown are offered in more than one color, fixture type, and/or size option.

Crystal Lights for Low Ceilings

Ella Semi-Flush with Crystals in White Gold finish

Ariana Semi-Flush in chrome with Matte Black Accents

London 5 Light Semi-Flush Crystals within a Matte Black Cage

Bold Color Lights for Low Ceilings

Bartlett Semi-Flush in Black Patina

Calgary Semi-Flush in Pebbled Rust finish

Ferris Semi-Flush in Verde Patina finish

Two-Tone Lights for Low Ceilings

Tribeca Flush Mount in Matte Black with Pewter Accents

Axel Semi-Flush in Olympic Gold with Matte Black Wire Shades

Duncan 3 Light Track Light Semi-Flush in Aged Brass with Matte Black Shades

Teagan Flush Mount

Unique Lights for Low Ceilings

Roost Flush Mount in Matte Black with Chicken Wire Shade

Architect Flush Mount in Matte Black

Atom 1 Light Semi-Flush in Brushed Steel, Aged Brass, and Chrome

Corbin Semi-Flush in Matte Black

Simple, Clean Lighting for Low Ceilings

Manhattan Semi-Flush in Matte Black with a Modern White Shade

Dixon Semi-Flush in Aged Brass, Matte Navy Cap, and Clear Glass

Seaport Semi-Flush Pewter

Versa Flush Multi-Family 13" Flush Mount in Pewter