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Lighting a Bedroom

Posted on July 10 2020

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Lighting for a Bedroom Is Essential

We lounge and relax in the bedroom. This is the space where we unwind and spend our bulk of time. A bedroom should be a comfortable and inviting haven. When planning lighting for the bedroom, especially a master bedroom, we have an opportunity to boost the ambiance or romance of the space.

Since we're upgrading the overall tone of these intimate rooms, we can focus more on the style and be selective in our lighting choices.


2243-5 BLK-MWS fixture hanging above bed in bedroom

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Choosing a Bedroom Chandelier

Chandeliers naturally draw the eye and become a focal point in bedrooms. This is typically due to their size and number of lights. Chandeliers are installed at the bedroom's main and central junction box on the ceiling.

When selecting a bedroom chandelier, don't be shy. Select one which expresses your tastes and complements the style of the room. You should love the light!

Here are some of our favorite styles for the bedroom...

Rustic Bedroom Lighting Ideas

Victoria 6 Light Chandelier

Cottage Bedroom Lighting Ideas

Ferris 6 Light Chandelier

Modern Bedroom Lighting

Axel 8 Light Chandelier

Nautical Bedroom Lighting

Marissa 6 Light Chandelier


8401-6P PW-NVY fixture hanging above bed in bedroom

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Choosing Bedroom Pendants

First, you should know that there are two types of pendants that can be installed in a bedroom:

1. Large pendants which offer a higher number of lights, and more illumination.

2. Small pendants which are typically medium to small in size and have 4 or fewer light sockets.

Large pendants are similar to chandeliers in their size and draw. Smaller pendants have a taller and narrower silhouette.

If you are asking, "How do I hang pendant lights in my bedroom?" it's simple. Large pendants can be hung from central ceiling junction boxes which usually hover in the center of a room.

Smaller pendants can be added to the room to fulfill certain tasks. Think of placing small pendants above matching night stands on either side of the bed. Or, if your bedroom space allows, you could install a unique pendant to hang above a chair and table to create a dedicated reading nook.

Pendant Lighting for Bedrooms

Reed Large Pendant

Valentina 4 Light Pendant

Marissa 6 Light Pendant

Florence Medium Pendant

Naima Mini Pendant


5516-5 WH-SHR fixture hanging above bed in bedroom

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Layering Your Bedroom Lighting Fixtures

If you are looking to improve lighting in your bedroom the best type of lighting for bedrooms includes the use of bright focal fixtures and other complementary light sources. That's because layering your lighting in a bedroom is important as well. The use of a central fixture for ambient light and additional small pendants for task lighting will provide more light for the space.

Consider installing a dimmer to control the intensity of the bedroom ceiling light fixtures to better suit your mood.

But how many lights should be in a bedroom? Well that depends on your individual needs.

For instance if you like to read in bed, then installing wall sconces on either side of the bed that have individual on and off switches may work best. This allows of more control of your bedroom lighting and the ambiance of the space. If you have artwork or photos you would like to display in these rooms you can add accent lights above them. Therefore, the number of lights in a room varies based on need, and activities that take place in the room.

Bedroom Wall Sconce Lighting

Ravina Wall Sconce

Marissa 2 Light Wall Sconce

Journey 1 Light Wall Sconce

Duncan 1 Light Wall Sconce