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Announcing Project Home 2020

Posted on May 14 2020

Golden Lighting is proud to announce our participation in Project Home 2020. With Scissortail Homes, American Farmhouse Style, and Cottages and Bungalows, we are creating a beautiful space.

Scissortail Homes is building this year’s project home. The real estate and construction company is in Carlton Landing, Oklahoma. Husband and wife team, J.J. and Lindsey Morris founded the company and are premier builders for prominent neighborhoods in the area. J.J. and Lindsey have a reputation for specializing in custom homes with craftsmen details.

Project Home 2020 is sure to be a testament to their abilities. The design blends modern farmhouse and cottage aesthetics.

The home’s layout is unique and open. The designing couple wanted to anchor the look by incorporating a little Scandinavian inspiration in their cottage farmhouse design. This allows them to maintain clean lines and modern appeal.

"We want it to feel clean and simple, but homey and cozy," says Lindsey Morris

The design does just that. The large number of sizeable spaces in the home allows the team to create designated utility and storage spaces to declutter entryways and living rooms.

We are very excited about this project and plan on sharing every step of the journey with you. Follow us on social for Project Home updates.