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Timeless and Trending: Black Light Fixtures

Posted on September 18 2020

The color black complements so many color palettes and styles. It can amplify the moodiness of a room or draw focus in a space with muted tones. Interior designers use furniture, décor, and lighting elements in black to create timeless looks.

For this reason and others, we love creating beautiful light fixtures in a range of trendy black finishes. From rustic, to classic, to uptown, and all the way to modern, we have black finishes that work with a variety of styles.

As with fashion, black goes with everything. Incorporating black light fixtures like a black pendant light or a black wall sconce in your home can offer you the versatility of still working with future changes in your décor. Read on to explore our wide range of black fixtures. 

Black Chandeliers

Autumn Twilight 18 Light Chandelier

Marco 8 Light Chandelier

Saldano 5 Light Chandelier

Castile 15 Light Chandelier

Alastair 18 Light Chandelier

Black Pendant Light Fixtures

Rowan Small Pendant


Black Low Profile Fixtures

Rayne Flush Mount

Castile 9 Light Semi-Flush

Bellare Semi-Flush


Black Bathroom Light Fixtures

Elon LED Bath Bar

Bartlett 4 Light Bath Vanity

Journey 3 Light Bath Vanity

Juliette 24" LED Bath Bar


Black Wall Sconces

Esmay Wall Sconce

Messina Wall Sconce

Rey Articulating Wall Sconce

Orwell Articulating Wall Sconce

Hawthorn Articulating Wall Sconce


Black Outdoor Light Fixture

Tribeca Small Outdoor Wall Sconce

Tribeca Medium Outdoor Wall Sconce

Seaport Small Outdoor Wall Sconce

Seaport Medium Wall Sconce

We have an even wider variety of black finishes and matte black light fixtures available on our website.

Go to our shop and select from the left-hand sidebar the filter box labeled “By Color”. From there select “Color:Black” to explore our 500+ black lighting fixtures and black sconces.