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Pin Ups, Swing Arms & Articulating Wall Sconces

Posted on August 31 2020

Our Q3 launch is full of items that are meant to fill gaps in our product line. We filled one gap by adding new types of functional wall sconces to our line. Find an array of exciting new sconce families or simply fall back in love with our Orwell series - That’s right, we’ve extended this Golden Lighting favorite to be even more versatile.

Golden Lighting is excited to share with you a number of new wall sconces, including 3 new articulating wall sconce collections. The beauty of these new sconce collections is that they do not require junction boxes for installation. These pin up sconces can be installed as plug-ins or as hardwired fixtures. 

Even more exciting are the articulating sconces. These fixtures are also known as swing arm lamps and can bring added functionality and style to your space.

Messina Wall Sconce

Another Great Way to Layer Lighting

You might have read about how to layer your lighting and the great benefits to applying this lighting technique in your home. If not, it’s simple – by incorporating wall lighting such as stationary wall lamps or adjustable wall sconces, you can obtain directional light.

Using these articulating sconces as a bedside wall lamp can come in handy during a late-night read. These swing arm lamps allow you to pivot, angle, and extend the light you need, how you need it. To move and secure the light, simply twist the fashionable thumbscrews attached.

Some Orwell Finish Options

Options, Options, and More Options

Available in a selection of sophisticated finishes such as Matte Black and Aged Brass, our swing arm lamp shades and frames can be combined to create a unique color scheme that will best suit your home. The Orwell Articulating Wall Sconces offer more finish options and combinations for further stylistic versatility.

Speaking of options, these adjustable wall sconces offer dual-mounting. Dual mount, otherwise known as dual plug-in, allow you two options for installation: plug-in or hardwire. Plug-in fixtures can be easier for individuals who do not want to hardwire the fixtures to a junction box, or create a new junction box on the wall.

Rey Wall Sconce

What is a Plug-in Fixture?

Plug-in installations - also known as portables - are quick, easy, and allow you to change the location of your fixture down the road. For example, when installing our articulating wall lights all you have to do is find a wall outlet nearby and plug-in the swing arm wall lamp. Ta-da, you can then use the fixture immediately.

Swing Arm Wall Sconce Plug-in Styles


Hawthorn Articulating Wall Sconce

Orwell Articulating Wall Sconce


Rey Articulating Wall Sconce

Stationary Plug-in Sconce

Messina Wall Sconce