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Meet Our Sales Director

Posted on October 06 2020

Sales Director Ivan Parada is a valued leader of our eCommerce and Sales division.

Ivan's management has helped grow Golden and our sales team. Through his guidance, Ivan's team has tackled a number of obstacles since COVID hit the US. Armed with unwavering determination, our Sales Director has managed to juggle the sudden massive consumer shift toward eCommerce and maintaining relations with key brick and mortar retailers, all while growing his team.

Ivan started his career at Golden Lighting as an analyst managing ecommerce accounts just 1 week after receiving his Bachelor’s in Economics from Florida State University. Through persistence and excellence, Ivan has worked his way up the departmental ladder to sit as Director among upper management. When asked why he stuck with sales he wisely stated, “Everyone in the world is in sales no matter what position or life stage they are at…”

Several years since joining Golden, Ivan’s love for the company, its success, and employees comes as no surprise. When asked about his key motivators as a leader, Ivan thoughtfully commented on the satisfaction he feels from making customers, partners, and colleagues happy, as well as his passion for personally implementing new strategies and challenging himself.

In Ivan’s downtime, he enjoys visiting his family in South Florida, fishing, diving, hiking, traveling, and spending quality time with his Great Dane/Lab mix, Marley.

When asked about his favorite lighting trend, he noted his affinity for the modern farmhouse and rustic industrial looks. Ivan loves the mix of natural materials with sleek, clean lines and metals. At his residence, Ivan has committed his love for Golden with hanging the Axel collection 8 Light Chandelier in his dining room.