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Revamped and Ready to Shine

Posted on August 26 2020

Golden Lighting is truly customer-centric - When our customers provide feedback, we listen, digest, and get to work.

Our Autumn Twilight series is one of our most popular collections. So, when our customers asked us to make it easier to use, we pulled back on production and went back to the drawing board to see just how we could improve it.

Revamped Autumn Twilight Designs

We are proud to announce that, over the last nine months, we have reintroduced simplified versions of most of the collection. Now installation and maintenance is easier than ever before. Enjoy the same great look of Autumn Twilight without any of the hassle.

The updated products were released in phases. Last year, we brought back Mystic Gold versions of three of the smaller fixtures. In January, we reintroduced them in our signature Black Iron finish.

Autumn Twilight - 12 Light Chandeliers

Autumn Twilight - 6 Light Chandeliers

Autumn Twilight -  Wall Sconces


We saved the best for last! Now, it is time to reveal the last reintroduction of our Autumn Twilight series, our large fixtures.

Available in two silhouettes, these Large Autumn Twilight Chandeliers can fit a tall foyer or large living room.

Autumn Twilight - 18 Light Chandeliers

Autumn Twilight 18 Light Chandelier

Autumn Twilight 18 Light Chandelier

Autumn Twilight - 24 Light Chandeliers

Autumn Twilight 24 Light Chandelier

Autumn Twilight 24 Chandelier