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Staying Connected During the Pandemic

Posted on August 21 2020

As the COVID-19 Pandemic spread, the US workforce was hit hard. Small mom and pop shops were forced to closed, while essential businesses, unable to shut down, had to adapt to new regulations and safety protocols.

In this time of chaos, it is these businesses in which we have seen the most innovation. Employers across the US have created new standards in their industries that will pivot the course of the company moving forward. More and more businesses see the value in online offerings and services, creating new ways to market or brand themselves, and better ways to connect with staff and customers.

All about staying ahead of the curve, Golden Lighting’s President, Yuh-Mei Hutt is one of those fine leaders who have taken this pandemic as an opportunity to continuously update business functions and processes. In anticipation of official mandates, many employees were permitted to work remotely. With the use of virtual meetings for departmental discussions and monthly companywide meetings, Yuh-Mei has shared valuable information with her workers about the state of the company. Her transparency is also apparent in her weekly newsletter email updates.

During monthly meetings with the company, our President has not failed to express her concern over the safety and health of her employees. She implemented a facemask policy, encouraged washing hands, avoiding touching your face, and the importance of staying home if sick. In addition, Yuh-Mei has graciously provided disposable masks for her employees, increased the number of hand sanitation stations, added daily cleaning measures, and created shielded workstations for added safety.

In addition to providing essential health and safety information, Yuh-Mei is keen on encouraging mental health checks through employee interactivity and engagement, even at a distance. She recently hosted a social distancing luncheon to reward her team's hard work and dedication. Golden Lighting has continued to hire and grow during these uncertain times. Knowing that employees may not be able to enjoy daily face-to-face interactions like they once did or meet new employees, our President created a Mad-Lib form for employees to fill. The inspiring forms boosted morale and encouraged creative thinking and playfulness by allowing employees to express their individuality. Yuh-Mei used the forms to create a visual bulletin board at headquarters and cycles through a handful of employee’s Mad-Libs in her weekly email updates. Though brief, these short moments allow employees to connect and get to know new and existing employees better.

Many companies are trying to keep employees connected and sane. From social pages and posts, group chats, “co-worker” venting sessions, zoom happy hours, to interactive games, employers are acknowledging the importance of connection. All of these methods are helping individuals to relieve stress and anxiety while feeling a little less alone during these chaotic times.

What is your company doing to keep employees connected? Interact with us on social and tag us in a post about what your company is doing to keep employees engaged.