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It's Natural - Natural Rope and Rattan Lights Are Trending

Posted on August 28 2020

With home décor, we have seen the natural material trend growing. From woven mats and rugs to wicker furniture, and plant-derived lighting we see natural looks taking over homes on tv, in magazines, and possibly even your favorite Pinterest-inspiration boards.

On many popular home renovation and DIY television shows, we see natural fiber materials peppered in rooms as accents or design anchors. These are testaments to the fact that natural fiber is here to stay.

Florence 3 Light Pendant

Why Natural Fiber Décor Is Trending

We have seen a greater shift towards sustainability, natural resources, and eco-friendly products. While there is more work to be done regarding this, homeowners have begun questioning how their products are made which has shifted how goods are produced nowadays.

Using materials sourced from nature not only evokes a stylistic sense of peace and tranquility but in a way, also satisfies the consumers' demand for eco-derived products. This great shift by consumers has led to a mindset change in furniture, rug, and home accent manufacturing. Manufacturers are designing for emerging sustainability home trends.

Reed Large Pendant

Will Natural Fibers Work In My Home?

Natural fiber lighting, décor, and home accents offer unique color, texture, and history while oftentimes not commanding too much attention from the overall design. In fact, supplementing your space with natural fiber décor creates a fresh look while remaining cozy and inviting. Natural fiber accents also complement a variety of home styles and décor, thus making its enhancement properties universal.

Fill your space with a feeling of warmth, comfort, and personality by integrating natural fibers in your home. We find the best way to do that without overcrowding your home is by combining function and style. For us, this means incorporating natural fiber lighting.

Marissa 6 Light Pendant

Our Natural Fiber Lighting

Utilizing a light fixture that has bamboo, rattan, or woven rope is a simple way of incorporating nature-inspired elements into your home. We have a number of natural fiber light fixtures and pendants that utilize authentic materials in a beautiful design. Update your space and stay on-trend by installing a light in line with natural elements.

Rattan Pendant Light

Florence Mini Pendant

Florence 3 Light Pendant

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Bamboo Pendant Light

Reed Large Pendant

Natural Rope Light

Marissa 6 Light Pendant

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