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Cane Webbing, Bamboo, & Rattan Artisan Lights

Posted on October 28 2020

More home magazines and TV shows are utilizing woven tapestry, wicker furniture, and plant-derived lighting. This signals a trend in the home décor market towards the use of fiber textiles and natural elements.

These materials have become commonly integrated in the home and office. Natural fibers often ground spaces with their neutral tones. Utilizing authentic materials often enhance beautiful designs.

Craftsman Methods Are Sustainable

There is a clear shift in the market towards sustainability and eco-friendly products. As consumers grow more conscious of their purchases, they have begun to ask more questions about products and requesting brands to become greener.

We're happy to state that despite the growing popularity and high demand of natural fibers, the methods for creating these natural pieces remains in the hands of the artist. Machines are no match for quality craftsmanship; thus the process is undertaken by the weaver.

Our pieces all start at harvest as materials are cultivated, split, soaked, then shaped into their final form to dry by the artisans themselves. Although more hands-on, this allows time for nature to replenish itself. 

Ancient Materials Stand the Test of Time

Using materials sourced from nature not only evokes a stylistic sense of peace and tranquility but in a way, also satisfies the consumers' demand for eco-derived products. More brands are designing for emerging sustainability home trends.

Utilizing a light fixture that has bamboo, cane webbing, or rattan is a simple way of incorporating nature-inspired elements into your home.

Bamboo Lights

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