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Catalog and Supplement

We are constantly launching new products to feature in our digital books. See the latest additions in our Comprehensive Visual Index, supplements, and Limited Release booklets.

Our Comprehensive Visual Index book gives a complete view of Golden Lighting’s product line. Navigate our product selections with thumbnail previews of all available items.

Supplements are virtual mini catalogs that feature four quarters of new items as well as recent Limited Releases.

Want to learn more about our curated selection of hand-crafted designs? Peruse our latest Limited Release booklets.


Golden Lighting 2021 Q4 Supplement - Winter Launch


Comprehensive Visual Index - December 2021


Golden Lighting 2021 Q3 Supplement - Fall Launch


Golden Lighting 2021 Q2 Supplement - Summer Launch


Golden Lighting 2021 Q1 Supplement - Spring Launch


Golden Lighting 2020 Q4 Supplement - Winter Launch


Golden Lighting 2020 Q3 Supplement


Golden Lighting Limited Release Book 2 (released July 2020)


Golden Lighting 2020 Q2 Supplement


Golden Lighting Limited Release Book (released March 2020)


Golden Lighting 2019-2020 Catalog (effective June 2019 - June 2020)


Golden Lighting 2020 Supplement (effective January - June 2020)