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Coastal Lighting Inspiration

Posted on March 26 2021

As the weather warms up, more people are looking to freshen up by bringing natural looks into their homes. A great way to do this is with Coastal decor.

Coastal elements are on-trend with current home renovations. Some Coastal decor can be universal since they play off neutral colors and texture. Because of this more homes are switching their styles to play off the beachy tones.

While creating a relaxing retreat, coastal elements can seem challenging to incorporate. The trick is to combine the right paint, decor, and lighting. Doing this can give your space the look of a beachside paradise.

Why let your lighting be the only element out of place in your retreat haven?

Typically, people remember to update the paint and furniture, but fail to update their light fixtures. Finding the right lighting is crucial to achieving an authentic, coastal look.

We offer a selection of coastal lighting options that showcase a broad spectrum of accents and finishes.

Coastal Light Fixtures

Nassau 3 Light Pendant
Enhance your coastal space with Nassau. Authentic fishnet knots in a clean white rope wrap the hammered clear glass shade. The rope finishes just before the glass bottom, resting atop one another. The hammered glass shade's open bottom has a clean look. The larger light within this collection offers an optional fringe tassel.
Avon 3 Light Pendant
The Avon collection is simple sophistication in a natural form. The collection features twisted organic fibers stretched over sturdy steel frames. Tight in spots and wide in others, bleached Raphia rope is braided and stretched on Matte Black frames. To add visual interest, our designers used textured metal bands as accents. Avon's feminine silhouettes and neutral hues are perfect for transitional to contemporary homes. This collection has multiple fixture types. This semi-flush provides widespread ambient lighting.
Haddoc Medium Pendant
Haddoc has the look of a reclaimed sea treasure, brought home and revamped. The large, round, seeded glass is reminiscent of an iridescent bubble magically snared by a net. Enhancing the nautical-inspired design, knotted rope and contrasting hardware mimic old-world tools. These bright lights allow for widespread illumination and are perfect in coastal settings.
Samba 6 Light Semi-Flush
Elevate your space with the unique design of our Samba collection. Inspired by the energetic yet whimsical feel of tropical nights, this collection utilizes natural materials. Gleaming crystal, rustic wood beads, or glamorous gold chain shade options can create a number of styles. Strands of select material hang and drape across the fixture in a crisscross fashion creating a visual interest. Each accent changes the overall dimensions of the fixture.
Varsha 3 Light Pendant

The beauty of water is the inspiration behind the contemporary Varsha collection. Create a relaxed mood with this modern interpretation of refractive water. Drift on the waves of the thick artisan glass with no worries of being swept away by a current. Strong geometric arms carry the Hammered Water Glass while veiled screws hold the panels in place. The frame’s repetitive boxes converge to create a center column. Strong candelabras sit upon wide cups that are partially concealed behind the beautiful glass. The smooth Matte Black finish offers a sophisticated feel.

Rowan Small Pendant

Bring the tranquility of nature into any room with Rowan. This collection offers genuine natural materials incorporated in a transitional to modern design. The attractive mix material pendants are done in contrasting tones of smooth, matte black metal and honey-stained wood and wicker-style panels. The cane patterned shades complement a variety of decors.
Seaport 3 Light Bath Vanity

Nautical-inspired, Seaport is a collection of industrial fixtures to create your seaside retreat. Offered in a selection of finishes, the New England style is enhanced by protective cages that shield the otherwise exposed bulbs.