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Supporting Our Community

In alignment with our core value of maintaining a strong community presence, Golden Lighting and our employees are directly invested in several community outreach initiatives.

Normally we coordinate our community service initiatives with our annual sale, donating a portion of the proceeds to a charity of choice. This year, instead of just selecting one charity to sponsor, we decided to get our employees more involved. We asked our team members to identify which worthy charities they were most interested in supporting.

Their passion showed through! There were so many great options that we decided to select three charities based off of employee votes. Our caring employees decided to support these three charities this year, and form leadership teams. 

Our employees have decided to make a difference by helping kids stay healthy, promoting sustainable solutions for a healthy future here in Tallahassee, and supporting our local animal shelter. Learn more about each Golden Team group by linking the links above.

Golden is supporting each employee-led team with a generous budget to support each initiative. These funds will be used to make direct investments to the non-profits or to host fundraising events to increase the overall donations.

Ongoing Community Involvement

Everyone is happy to participate as projects and local activities are underway. We’re not new to volunteering, and we’ve been active in our community for some time. Golden Lighting has supported major charities and foundations through fundraising & sponsorship:

Why We Do What We Do for Our Community

Community involvement is so important to our President. She loves the Tallahassee community. Born and raised in Tallahassee, she went to school in the Leon County School District. Later she took classes at Tallahassee Community College, attended Florida State University, and interned at Florida A&M University. These experiences fueled a love for the educational opportunities here in Tallahassee.

By investing in education and local development initiatives, Yuh-Mei aims to create a future Tallahassee that our children and their children will be proud to call home. Yuh-Mei has been cultivating areas that she feels would bring that type of future, for that generation and for her education is foundational.

Yuh-Mei believes in life-long learning and bettering ourselves. She wants Golden Lighting's employees to embrace that same attitude. She strives to have an organization that challenges its people and other businesses to develop new ideas and industries.

We all agree that it is important for us to invest in the Tallahassee community because we care about future generations. Like Yuh-Mei, our goal is for everyone to see the magic that exists here in Tallahassee. We want people to enjoy the vibrant city, enjoy life's opportunities, and the prosperity that comes with an abundance of quality jobs and schools. We want them to know the interesting and diverse people, the beauty of the city, and the variety of foods here in Tallahassee.

If you want to keep track of our progress, follow us on social as we share updates regarding these employee-lead initiatives!