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Unique Glass Sparks Conversation

Posted on February 05 2021

Incorporating unique glass into your home decor can create visual interest in your space and spark conversation with guests. The best way to integrate this is through the use of essential focal pieces like lighting. Homes installed with interesting glass fixtures provide an anchor for interior designs while offering different moods when illuminated.

Golden Lighting Unique Glass Collections

We have designed a number of collections that feature one of a kind glass shades. Feel free to explore our growing selection of unique glass fixtures.


The beauty of water is the inspiration behind the contemporary Varsha collection. Create a relaxed mood with this modern interpretation of refractive water. Drift on the waves of the thick artisan glass with no worries of being swept away by a current. Strong geometric arms carry the Hammered Water Glass while veiled screws hold the panels in place. The frame’s repetitive boxes converge to create a center column. Strong candelabras sit upon wide cups that are partially concealed behind the beautiful glass. The smooth Matte Black finish offers a sophisticated feel.

 Varsha 6 Light Chandelier

3162-6 BLK-HWG

Varsha 3 Light Pendant

3162-3P BLK-HWG

Varsha Semi-Flush




Powell is a collection of lovely glass and metal pendants. The decorative, mixed materials of the shades are the focus of these contemporary fixtures. To allow the shades to take center stage, the remaining Matte Black hardware is kept simple by design. Composed of curved iron, the shade’s metal ribbing forms an elongated sphere. Open at the bottom and handblown by artisans, the structured glass has an industrial-modern feel. During the blowing process, hot, molten glass pours through each crevice creating raised bubbles along the surface. As it cools, the seeded glass clings to the grid-like metal cage. When lit, the gently diffused shades have a unique glow. Beckoning onlookers, these lights add visual interest anywhere they hang.
Powell Small Pendant
1096-S BLK-SD
Powell Medium Pendant
1096-M BLK-SD



With an eye-catching silhouette that invites onlookers, this sophisticated series features rustic textured glass and a stylish, modern form. This collection is sure to spark conversation. Gravity holds the heavy hammered glass in place. The hand-blown artisan glass plays with light, creating bright light and stunning shadows. The fixtures are available in select mix and match options to enhance your home’s décor. These pendants are perfect in a kitchen, foyer, or bathroom.
 Ariella 3 Light Pendant
1094-3P BCB-HCG
Ariella 3 Light Pendant
1094-3P BCB-SHG
Ariella 3 Light Pendant
1094-3P BLK-HCG
Ariella 3 Light Pendant
1094-3P BLK-SHG
Ariella Small Pendant
1094-S BCB-HCG
Ariella Small Pendant
1094-S BLK-SHG
Ariella Small Pendant
1094-S BLK-HCG
Ariella Small Pendant
1094-S BLK-SHG