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  • Find The Perfect Lighting For Low Ceilings

    Find The Perfect Lighting For Low...

    The standard and most common ceiling height in US homes is 8ft. While trends show homes being built, and some remodeled, to offer taller ceilings most existing homes have a...

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  • How to Determine The Right Size...

    Measuring your space is essential to achieving the perfect look. Oftentimes, eyeballing isn’t enough. So we recommend taking out your measuring tape and following these guidelines from the professionals. Product...

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    How to Determine The Right Size Light Fixture For Your Kitchen, Islands, and Dining Room
  • Announcing Project Home 2020

    Announcing Project Home 2020

    Golden Lighting is proud to announce our participation in Project Home 2020. With Scissortail Homes, American Farmhouse Style, and Cottages and Bungalows, we are creating a beautiful space. Scissortail Homes...

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  • Meet Our Golden Girls

    We love our customer service team, better known as our “Golden Girls” – These ladies handle all types of things including item inquiries, account calls, and customer installation questions. You...

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    Meet Our Golden Girls
  • Our Warehouse Team

    Our Warehouse Team

    Get to know our Warehouse Team, the backbone of Golden. Thanks to them, Golden is still open and shipping! Even during a pandemic, our essential warehouse team is getting your...

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