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  • Spring Brings Renewal

    Spring Brings Renewal

    Spring is Here! Make a statement. Refresh your home this Spring with something imaginative that sparks curiosity and wonder. Our designers have crafted a Spring Collection for 2022, guided by...

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  • Winter Wonders

    Winter is Here! Captivating geometrics, natural materials in inspiring forms, and bold textures are currently taking center stage in the design world. In keeping with the trends, we are finishing 2021 with a...

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    Winter Wonders
  • Fresh for Fall

    Fresh for Fall

      Lights that are special, functional, full of texture, artisan detailing, and beautiful finishes are trending. Our Fall launch includes unique silhouettes, beautiful glass, interesting metalwork, and fabulous fiber to...

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  • Vintage Inspired Lighting

    Golden Lighting has designed a number of collection that evoke a sense of wonder and familiarity. Much like discovering a hidden treasure tucked away for years and restored, our designers...

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    Vintage Inspired Lighting
  • Modern Summer Lighting

    Modern Summer Lighting

    Bold and contemporary lighting makes a statement, acts as a focal point, and begins conversation. Add a touch of elegance to your artful space through modern lighting. Golden offers hundreds...

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