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40 Years of Excellence
Elegant Lighting for Everyday Living

Our Heritage

Golden Lighting

Our Heritage

At Golden Lighting, we’re more than a lighting company.
We bring people and ideas together to craft astonishing fixtures that serve more than one purpose.

From our humble beginnings in 1982 to becoming a leader within our industry, we have seen exponential growth. Despite this, we stay true to our small, family-owned heritage by remaining people-centric and customer-focused.

We welcome you to become part of our family and grow with us.

Stay Golden

We provide an exceptional experience through world-class service paired with fashionable, craftsman lighting designs delivered by a thoughtful and passionate team.

From concept to actualization, every fixture within the Golden collection undergoes rigorous inspection for quality and performance.

We utilize the finest materials and uphold our standard of excellence throughout every aspect of our light fixtures until delivered to you. Every quality-control check, test, and rework is done to deliver the best product available, and better serve you. 

Our Designs

Timeless & Top-Notch

Golden Lighting creates innovative decorative and multi-functional lighting for the home, that are not only timeless but on-trend. We continuously craft a wide range of indoor and outdoor lighting which can suit contemporary spaces, rustic homes, traditional exteriors, and beyond.

With over 1,000 on-trend lights available on the site, you can find a fixture for every lifestyle and budget.

Looking for value products only? Find a range of limited-stock lighting available on our Outlet Site -











Our Mission & Values

Our Values

Our mission and values remain the same over time and across all business functions and platforms.


We deliver an exceptional experience by providing top-notch service and fashionable, quality lighting designs through a passionate team that cares. 


• Provide superior customer service and quality products
• Honor our commitments and be consistent and fair
• Promote true teamwork based on cooperation, trust, and gratitude
• Invest in our people and products
• Maintain a strong community presence
• Continually seek improvement and innovation in every aspect of our business
• Data-driven decision making

Of course, we need to invest in our products, but what we have come to discover and love about our company is that investing in our people has an even greater return. When we invest in our people, they build and do amazing things.

People & Products

Fixture Care and Lighting Tips

Find a variety of fixture cleaning care instructions and lighting tips.

Customer Service

Need assistance with your product or order? Reach out to our world-class customer service team.

Commitment to Community

Our commitment to community reaches beyond local efforts, it also includes you!

For Designers and Showrooms

Designers & Showrooms

Our dedicated Showroom Team can assist with coordinating the latest Golden products for display. 

Fixture Care and Lighting Install Tips

Quality Products

Find a variety of fixture styles and designs for a great value price on our Outlet Site.

For Builders and Large Build Jobs

Builders & Large-Scale Jobs

Rest easy knowing our team can fulfill large orders of high-quality lighting for your next project.

Meet The Team

For Designers and Showrooms

Meet Our President

Read up on our President Yuh-Mei Hutt.

Fixture Care and Lighting Install Tips

Our Executives

Meet the Executives who Lead our Departments.

For Builders and Large Build Jobs

Design Team

Meet Golden Lighting's Creative Designers.