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About Us

Founded in 1982, Golden Lighting was established as an importer of manufactured products from overseas. In the mid-1980s, the company uncovered significant distribution opportunities in the niche ceiling fan market and focused its product line on selling ceiling fans to electrical and builder supply houses in the Southeast. During the 1990s, focus shifted toward residential lighting fixtures and as the product line developed, more decorative lighting products were added. Today, Golden Lighting sells primarily to lighting showrooms and electrical supply houses throughout the United States.

Golden Lighting has an outstanding reputation for understanding customer needs and incorporating those needs into its product designs. Strong industry awareness, a high level of customer service and a dedicated team of highly trained sales professionals are hallmarks that have solidified Golden’s position as a leader in the residential lighting industry.


We deliver an exceptional experience by providing top-notch service and fashionable, quality lighting designs through a passionate team that cares.


  • Provide superior customer service and quality products
  • Honor our commitments and be consistent and fair
  • Promote true teamwork based on cooperation, trust, and a positive attitude
  • Invest in our people and products
  • Maintain a strong community presence
  • Continually seek improvement and innovation in every aspect of our business
  • Data-driven decision making

President – Yuh-Mei Hutt

Started over 35 years ago, Golden Lighting is a family business. 17 years ago, Yuh-Mei Hutt, the current President of Golden Lighting, took over for her father. Since then, Yuh-Mei has expanded the company, making it an industry leader. 

A compassionate businesswoman, dedicated to the industry, her company, and her hometown of Tallahassee, Yuh-Mei puts her heart into the projects and people she holds near and dear. Her enthusiasm can be seen through her life, work, goals, and expectations. Under her leadership, Golden Lighting has won Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year and the Jim Moran Institute’s Entrepreneurial Excellence awards.

As president of Golden Lighting, she focuses her positive energy on her business and employees alike, finding ways to improve things for both. The community of Tallahassee is not forgotten in Yuh-Mei's plans and efforts. She is significantly involved in the business community and pours time and energy into working with local leaders and organizations to create a better future.  

Yuh-Mei is active in promoting startups, angel investment, and exponential mindset in Tallahassee.  She supports local charities and acts as a strong role model and catalyst for change in the Tallahassee area. Through her work as Chair of Domi Station, a business incubator that aids entrepreneurs and innovators, Yuh-Mei has invested in creating workspaces where bright creators can collaborate and grow. 

In the interest of improving Tallahassee, Yuh-Mei invests in bringing powerful voices and ideas to Tallahassee in the hopes of inspiring the next generation. She has sponsored contests to identify and uplift future leaders. When asked about the motivation behind her service to the community, she simply stated, “I believe the future is positive and that we can have a meaningful impact on our community.” 

Ivan Parada

Sales Director - Ivan Parada

Sales Director Ivan Parada is a valued leader of our eCommerce and Sales division. Ivan manages a growing team of skilled salespeople, and acts as a point of contact between reps, retailers, and Golden.

Through persistence and excellence, Ivan has worked his way up the departmental ladder to sit as Director among upper management. When asked why he gravitated toward a sales-centric career he stated, “Everyone in the world is in sales no matter what position or life stage they are at…”

Several years since joining Golden, Ivan’s love for the company, its success, and employees comes as no surprise. When asked about his key motivators as a leader, Ivan thoughtfully commented on the satisfaction he feels from making customers, partners, and colleagues happy, as well as his passion for personally implementing new strategies and challenging himself.

When probed further, Ivan admitted that he also loves the fact that Golden has not been stagnant in any way for the almost 5 years, “...There is always something going on and I thoroughly enjoy being able to make an impact and appreciate the opportunities that have presented themselves”.