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Billowing like a ballgown, the regal stature of Tiara is second to none. Strands of vibrant crystal beads sweep outward and upward to gather along the dainty frame. Offered in multiple colors, these beautiful crystal accents are cut to maximize light refraction. Exposed candelabras peek through the shade's gleaming beads to offer widespread ambient light.

  • Gleaming crystals beads shine
  • Gently diffuses light


Tiara Semi-Flush -  - Golden Lighting
Tiara Semi-Flush
From $239.00 - $239.00
Tiara 6 Light Pendant -  - Golden Lighting
Tiara 6 Light Pendant
From $527.00 - $527.00
Tiara 3 Light Pendant -  - Golden Lighting
Tiara 3 Light Pendant
From $279.00 - $279.00