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Q4 Winter Launch

Emerging Classics and Timeless Designs...

Clean lines, symmetry, quality materials, and neutral tones are all elements of classic design. These features are timeless and have the longevity to stick around, but classic design is also something that slowly evolves. Our Winter launch centers around the gradual emergence of new classics. Browse our winter intros, filled with exciting, innovative, and unique classic-inspired designs in a variety of finishes and functions. The chic versatility of these fresh looks will allow you to reclaim and restore your home’s beauty from the ceiling down. Create cozy, casual spaces, set the mood for romance, or prep for that fancy holiday meal you have always wanted to host.

-This launch contains large fixtures in various silhouettes including large semi-flush fixtures, 2-tier fixtures, and 4-light bath fixtures. This launch also features fixtures with unique glass, shade, and crystal components.

Explore more Winter launch details in our Q4 Supplement.